Twenty Time Continues

The official end of the “20 Time Project” is coming in less than 2 weeks, which means people are starting to wrap their fundraiser, blogs, and events up. However my team specifically will not yet be closing or wrapping up anything that has anything to do with our fundraiser ” Rally For Invisible Children”. My team and I have still been collecting donations to donate to the Invisible Children Foundation through our donation website that we keep up to date and will continue to maintain the website until the final event that we will be holding is over. My group and I are still planning some small events to hold that will pull in donations before the big event. With all of this said donations, small events, the website and so on will remain open until the day after the date of the actual Tennis Rally (final event). Again all of the actives my team planned have not will end until after the tennis rally.


Getting Close To The Deadline

Recently I researched various things regarding the passion of making the world a better place. In regards to tennis much of the information I collected will help people with the same passion have a general idea of what the future may have in store for them. One thing I researched about would be the education required to be a tennis coach. You must graduate High school and attend a college for at least 4 years in order to become a college/professional tennis coach. Another thing I researched would be the salary you would be receiving. On average a college tennis coach can make about $70,000 to $90,000 dollars annually. A professional coach on the other hand can make anywhere from $140,000 dollars and up.

Recently the work my group and I have been tending mainly consists of contacting “The Invisible Children’s Foundation” to gather more information and see how we can keep improving upon our project. We also have been maintaining our donation page to make sure that it stays updated and overall functioning properly. In our final days of the semester we will be working hard to meet our goals. However since we will be holding our event over the summer time that is really when we will be achieving our goals.


My Passion And How It Helps The Community

Since my passion is to make the world and community a better place, there are several professional opportunities for myself. A few things I noticed while looking at all the opportunities are rather surprising however something’s I already knew about. One thing I like about all of the opportunities regarding my passion is that a good majority of them are well known, professional positions. There are opportunities in the medical field for example you can be a nurse, surgeon, general doctor, heart surgeon, brain surgeon, almost any profession in the medical field you are helping people out and making the community a safer place. In the business field you can be a lot of things to help either your local community or the community beyond. You could also work for the community, for example you could be a Police Officer, fireman, paramedic, these three jobs are some of the ones that really hold the community together and upkeep it. There is really something for everyone to do with this certain passion. One thing I didn’t like so much was that while there are a lot of jobs and such now, some if not most of the voluntary jobs and jobs under other fields are not having too many people work in these professions. Some of the jobs are disappearing and going out of business. Notice there are more good than bad in within this passion because you are helping people and if you are helping people almost everything that comes out of it will end up being good.


What 20 Time Taught Me

The most valuable lesson I learned so far would have to be that it takes quite a bit of planning/ Preplanning and quick in order to schedule rather large events. This is all because you never know if something may come up suddenly or if something may not go as planned. A scenario for my group personally is it is cold outside, we obviously are not going to play tennis while it is so cold outside so my group must pre-plan. Another scenario may be whenever we want to play tennis when it is warm out, someone else may already have the courts reserved. On top of that they may have the courts reserved for quite some time to where we would have to think quickly and go through the pre-planning stage again. The lesson I just did will help my group and I through this project by gaining some ally’s who will help suit along the way to take out some of the minor imperfections along the process. Further more the lesson my group and I just went through will help us with High school and life out of school in almost every aspect possible. It will help is with college, job interviews, in our actual jobs a so forth. 20 Time really prepares the participants for life and how to live a productive life.



My group and I have completed several things thus regarding our 20 time project “Rally For Invisible Children”. One main thing we have completed was pitching our
General idea to the community, school board ex. This really helped organize and put everything into place with our project in the sense of we know what we should do, what we shouldn’t do. We also received a lot of helpful tips from board members and citizens of the community about how we may be able to improve our project and how we may be able to make the process flow a bit smoother.


Contacting An Authority Figure Pt.2

At this point in the process I had sent the CEO of the desired country club an email stating all the key information. For example it stated my name, email (school email of course), who I am, what my partners and I plan on doing and what I wanted from them. Basically I stated everything I said I would in my previous blog post.

At this point I’m time I have not yet received a response from the CEO. I understand that they are most likely very busy and will respond to my email when possible. Given all of this I am going to give it a little while longer until I move on and consult my team about how we can handle this. The last thing I want to do is seem like I am just bothering them every minute, everyday with that said one email will be all I send to a single person. I did check to make sure the email properly went through and it has done so. I and my team will as always be patient and move on if necessary. I soon will update you on whether or not I have gotten a response or if we had to move on.


Seeking Expert Advice


The company I am in charge of contacting ideally will supply indoor tennis court’s. I would like to contact the manager (CEO) of the Country Club. I think it will be beneficial to contact the CEO so they become come fully aware and comfortable with what my team and I are presenting to them. However I am seeking help from the CEO, but also whomever else may be of assistance to my team.

I will contact the respectable person(s) by an email. My idea by sending this email is to not make them feel hurried or uncomfortable with their decision regarding whether or not my team and I could rent out their indoor tennis courts and when we could do so. Also by sending this email I hope that it will supply the CEO or assistant enough time to respond to where their first email will be able to supply some information that I will be able to pass along to my team. I would like to contact the manager (CEO) of the Country Club specifically because they would or should know for a fact if my team and I could rent out their indoor court’s and when we may be able to do so. In my next post I will give an update on how it went.